Contract Advice & Administration




The appropriate selection of the contracting arrangement between parties and the diligent administration of its terms and conditions are equally important in the successful performance of a project and avoidance of recourse to the dispute provisions that may be available to the parties.

Our extensive construction experience and commercial knowledge of the industry enables East Link Consulting to ensure that contract selection, structure of the terms therein, accompanying documentation and other considerations are relevant and consistent with the commercial aims, risk allocation and realistic expectations of Clients within the framework of the construction process.

  • Drafting of contracts – design, engineering, form of main contract

  • Advice on bonds, collateral warranties, parent company guarantees and other project documentation

  • Interpretation of clauses and provisions

  • Tender & procurement arrangements and advice

  • Alliance & Partnering formation and agreement

  • Guidance and assistance through multi-level negotiations

  • Subcontract formation & management

  • Contract administration & project support


Our experience and expertise has been established through involvement in a vast range of differing forms of contract, on projects ranging from small to large and mega-value, in various international and local jurisdictions, for and on behalf of local, international, multi-national Clients, Joint Ventures and Consortium arrangements and varying project delivery types including traditional, Design & Build, EPC, EPCIC, Alliance and Partnering.