Claims and Dispute Management


Claim Management




Construction projects will, as a result of the ever increasing degree of complexity of delivery, on occasion result in differences of opinion and the subsequent raising of claims for additional time, cost, and adjustment of obligations between the parties.

East Link Consulting, with our experienced claims consultants, can assist in the identification, pursuit and defence of matters arising to ensure that contractual entitlement and obligations are maintained in accordance with the conditions of contract and also, where possible, provide advice on mitigation and resolution to bring about timely, effective conclusions thus avoiding recourse to lengthy and costly third party dispute resolution processes. 




  • Assessment of the potential and merits of claim issues arising

  • Review of project documentation and advice on heads of claim, entitlement and strategy

  • Advise and assist with formulation, preparation and issuance of requisite notices

  • Advice, guidance and assistance in producing and maintaining critical project data and records for claim  substantiation

  • Advising on commercial support requirements to effectively manage claims

  • Providing advice on alternate and preferable strategies to achieve resolution

  • Detailed investigations and preparation of claim documentation, programmes, presentations and other  analysis of relevant particulars

  • Strategic negotiations

  • Advice and drafting of settlement agreements

East Link Consulting is able to provide a full range of services in conjunction with Clients existing project team in the pursuit of dispute resolution commencing at initial advice at inception through to full closure, providing independent appraisal and strategic advice upon which Clients are able to make reasoned judgement on how to proceed with confidence and surety.


Dispute Resolution

Contract Disputes arise where the realistic expectations of the respective parties cannot be drawn to a mutually agreed position. In these instances one or several of the following methods of resolution may be instigated:

  • Negotiation

  • Mediation

  • Conciliation

  • Adjudication

  • Arbitration

  • Expert Determination

  • Litigation

When a Dispute arises and no pre-established mechanism for resolution is provided East Link Consulting can advise Clients in selection, risks, merits and timescales of the most appropriate process to follow and provide specific support through the process to achieve satisfactory resolution.