Project and Construction Management


Project Management




Effective Project Management of projects can avoid the all too often experienced prolongation of critical project time, increased cost and impairment of delivered quality. East Link Consulting has significant experience in the implementation and maintenance of effective Project Management systems, secondment of key personnel to undertake Project Management support, or undertake the whole Project Management function to drive project delivery to successful achievement of Client’s project objectives. 

Our effective and successful approach to project delivery starts with a full understanding of Clients aspirations and key priorities from the outset of a commission and thereafter applying and maintaining established Project Management procedures and principles to the timely delivery of a project within the parameters set by Clients. 

East Link Consulting is able to establish and manage a highly experienced, quality project team, whether integrating with existing project participants or as a stand-alone project delivery team to lead the project to a successful conclusion, on time and within budget, effectively managing Client’s expectations to the fullest.




Construction Management

Construction Management requires the effective control of many facets of project delivery including the planning and coordination of multiple participants, establishing project controls, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety management and includes:

  • Interpreting and setting project objectives

  • Delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling

  • Setting performance requirements

  • Selection of project participants

  • Maximising resource efficiency - labour, materials and equipment

  • Coordination and control of planning, design, construction quality and safety

  • Document Control and development of effective communications, and

  • Management of change and variation

East Link Consulting can offer all levels of Construction Management services through our extensive experience in project delivery and the engagement of qualified, experienced industry professionals to ensure that construction works are carried out fully in accordance with defined project performance requirements.