Rail Consultancy Services



About ELC Rail 
ELC Rail Sdn Bhd is a recently established advisory consultancy combining global rail expertise with East Link Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd’s proven capabilities in Commercial, Construction and Project Management services.
The experience of taking projects from inception through to stable revenue service enables ELC Rail to work with owners and investors to successfully deliver projects while providing value for money for the travelling public.
ELC Rail’s personnel and associates bring the highest levels of experience and expertise that provides that very keen sense of perception and understanding which is required to recognise and effectively manage project delivery along with inherent project risks.



For new projects ELC Rail is able to provide industry leading bankable advice in the areas of:

For committed projects ELC rail is able to provide experienced executive, project and technical management personnel in the areas of:

  • Project Directorate
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Project Controls
  • Contract & Commercial
  • Design, Civils and Rail Systems
  • Construction Management, Civils and Rail Systems
  • Interface Management
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Rail Systems Assurance
  • Operations & Maintenance


ELC Rail personnel and associates have been instrumental in leading and delivering many major rail projects.

From inception to financial close
  • Channel Tunnel , UK & France
  • Canada Line, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Revalidating the budget for Crossrail, London, UK
  • Bidding for North West Rail Link, Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail. Providing assurance to investors
Delivering projects through to revenue services:
  • Channel Tunnel
  • Canada Line
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  • Klang Valley MRT Line I, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
  • Eglington Line, Toronto, Canada
  • Evergreen Line, Vancouver, Canada
  • HK MTR. Modified Initial System, Airport Line
  • Sky Train and Millennium Line, Vancouver
  • Jeff Hewitt , Managing Director
  • Dr. Gordon Crighton, Senior Strategic Advisor, Infrastructure
  • Sun Fang, Senior Strategic Advisor, Rail Systems
  • Jim Gainsford, Senior Project Director
  • Kay Yoon, Senior Project Manager
ELC Rail website is currently under construction, however for further information on ELC Rail services please contact ELC Consulting offices in the interim.